Welcome to my portfolio,
my name is Egon and I like to design and create.

I am a independent designer and developer specialized in
3D design, CAD/CAM, prototyping, 2D design, branding, web development and photography.
If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me for your next project.

Photography Landscapes

Photography – Landscapes


Here are some of the products I made using different methods, from carpenting to CAD/CAM fabrication.


Our summer holiday we went to check the cold north, a round trip starting in Hengelo to Hamburg, Odense, Copenhagen, Saro, Gothenborg, Oslo, Stockholm, Gramma, carry on »


Photography Food

Photography Food


IHEM (International Higher Education Monitor) asked Wevolve to build a new website to have up-to-date information on national higher education systems and policy changes. Wevolve carry on »


Zinnewijzer wanted a new look for their website, this is the result. Techniques involved: Webdesign, Html, Css and Javascript.


For Helder, Wevolve created the branding including a new website. The Html, Css and Javascript were done by me.

Photography Flowers

Photography – Flowers

Photography Architecture Cityscapes

Architecture – Cityscapes

Keukenhof Kinderdijk

Never been to some of the most touristic places of the country I live in. So I figured it time to change that.

Photography Human

Photography – Human

Modelmakerij Marc Gosselink

For Modelmakerij Marc Gosselink, I created the new website. Technics used for this project: Design, Html, Css, Javascript.

Photography Architecture Buildings

Architecture – Buildings

Mister Nice Buy

For MisterNiceBuy, Wevolve created the branding including a new website. I helped with the: Html, Css and Javascript.

EmmeBi Professional

Emme-Bi Professional didn’t have a website yet but saw the value of having a online business card. I realized a new branding for the in carry on »