Welcome to my portfolio,
my name is Egon and I like to design and create.

I am a independent designer and developer specialized in
3D design, CAD/CAM, prototyping, 2D design, branding, web development and photography.
If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me for your next project.


I had a go at some vase designs, this is the result. Not to bad for a first try. If you want to have one carry on »


Some of the SketchUp designs I did for various clients.


Vind123 is a new concept to improve local search engine results for companies. Based on domain names that will include the location of the company carry on »


Send me a email and I will get back to you. You might also want to scan my v-card to add me as a contact carry on »

Mobile shots

Finally uploaded some shots to 500px, I think I’m gonna use this to backup some of the nicer cellphone shots I took recently. Go check carry on »

3D Design

3D Drawings and designs I made for various products and clients.


ContextCreators is a new company for location based websolutions. The branding and website were made by me. Techniques include; design, photography, html, css and javascript.


Safe a cow for Malawi. Heifer educates poor African families in farming and gives them cows, goats or chickens. They can use their own food carry on »


Say hello to Raoul, my nephew. This new family member is the firstborn of my younger sister.

First shots with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Here are the first shots taken with my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The shots were taken at the Groninger Museum. Not too carry on »


For OnzeVoordeelpas, Wevolve created a new website to register the new discount passes. I’m responsible for the Design, Branding, Html, Css and Javascript.

Photography Miscellaneous

Photography – Miscellaneous

Salento ti adoro

Late summer holiday in Salento, Puglia, Italy

Photography Landscapes

Photography – Landscapes


Here are some of the products I made using different methods, from carpenting to CAD/CAM fabrication.