Welcome to my portfolio,
my name is Egon and I like to design and create.

I am a independent engineer and designer specialized in
3D design, CAD/CAM, prototyping, and 3D printing.
If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me for your next project.

Kis Bowden Extruder & Kis Filament Holder

The standard extruder I got with my 3D printer wasn’t working the way I wanted it so I decided to design my own. Because it carry on »


I had a go at some vase designs, this is the result. Not to bad for a first try. If you want to have one carry on »


Some of the SketchUp designs I did for various clients.


Send me a email and I will get back to you. You might also want to scan my v-card to add me as a contact carry on »


Here are some of the products I made using different methods, from carpenting to CAD/CAM fabrication.


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