For Helder, Wevolve created the branding including a new website. The Html, Css and Javascript were done by me.

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Rotary Nederland update

For the Rotary Clubs in the Netherlands I updated the current website to match the international redesign (Rotary International). Also a mobile app was made carry on »


Vind123 is a new concept to improve local search engine results for companies. Based on domain names that will include the location of the company carry on »


ContextCreators is a new company for location based websolutions. The branding and website were made by me. Techniques include; design, photography, html, css and javascript.


Safe a cow for Malawi. Heifer educates poor African families in farming and gives them cows, goats or chickens. They can use their own food carry on »


For OnzeVoordeelpas, Wevolve created a new website to register the new discount passes. I’m responsible for the Design, Branding, Html, Css and Javascript.


IHEM (International Higher Education Monitor) asked Wevolve to build a new website to have up-to-date information on national higher education systems and policy changes. Wevolve carry on »


Zinnewijzer wanted a new look for their website, this is the result. Techniques involved: Webdesign, Html, Css and Javascript.

Modelmakerij Marc Gosselink

For Modelmakerij Marc Gosselink, I created the new website. Technics used for this project: Design, Html, Css, Javascript.

Mister Nice Buy

For MisterNiceBuy, Wevolve created the branding including a new website. I helped with the: Html, Css and Javascript.

EmmeBi Professional

Emme-Bi Professional didn’t have a website yet but saw the value of having a online business card. I realized a new branding for the in carry on »

Taxatie Temmink

Taxatiebureau Temmink needed a new look for their website, I designed a logo update and then also businesscards and the website.