Rotary Nederland

Wevolve made the Rotary Nederland website. Each District and each club is able to build and manage its own site in the same style as carry on »


Wevolve is the company I work for the most, ofcourse I had my part in developing the website. Techniques used are HTML, CSS and javascript for carry on »

Piet Oosterbeek

Piet Oosterbeek a fellow photographer from Amsterdam needed a new portfolio and asked Wevolve to realize this. Techniques involved: Php, Html, Css, Javascript all into carry on »


For Kwintra, Wevolve created the branding including a new website. I helped with the; Webdesign, Html, Css, Javascript.  


Wevolve build the new website myBummy for compact mini photo-albums to carry around in your pocket. I am responsible for the Html, Css and Javascript.

The Simpsons Family in QR Code

Playing around with QR Code the other day. To find out if it is possible to have recognizable illustrations inside QR Code, I used the carry on »


Euregio Sport needed a website to promote all kinds of sport events to the dutch and german public in the area where I live. Wevolve carry on »


Mildred Roethof asked Wevolve to build a new website for her multimedia company BounceMedia. I am responsible for the: PHP, Html, Css, Javascript, and the carry on »


Conrad Electronics wanted a social network website to connect to a wider audience. Kern did the design and for Wevolve I did the coding. Mancave carry on »

iPhone vs Android

What started out as a small office discussion evolved into the poll website you see in front of you. This website was build keeping one carry on »


The guys at ActiveXperts needed a improved website with better validation, SEO and easier to use than their existing one. I realized this project for them on carry on »


Links4 was in first instance created by Wevolve to have bookmarks available in a convenient website. This grew out to all the categories the website carry on »